I started this back in January with the best of intentions. Intentions to write if not every day at least regularly enough to see an accumulation of content that I could look back on with a sense of accomplishment. Obviously that didn’t happen. Without going into detail my health hasn’t been the best over the past few years and that was an excuse. A few years ago my wife had some health issues as well and that was an excuse not to start this in the first place for a few years. Now, I have had a turn around in my health, my wife is doing better and what happens but there are more excuses waiting in the wings to pounce on “Why I shouldn’t be spending time writing a blog.”

When my sons were of the right age I participated in Scouting with them. There were the Cub Scout years and that lead to Boy Scouts as well. I ended up becoming a scout leader because I believed in the program. The man who recruited me to be a leader convinced me with this statement, “We don’t have to the time for the things we should do. We have plenty of time for the things we want to do.” I wanted to make time for my sons and I did. Now I have had it with my own excuses and want to make the time to sit down and write at this every day. I may not post every day but I will at least write something.  Current projects include migration of databases at work from our old Windows Clustered Sql Servers on to new Availability Group Sql Servers (I won’t tell you what versions); Creating an environment where the folks I work with can learn with me as well as from me and on my own time I am working to become more familiar with Powershell and C#.

Oh there are other things I do. Clearing a piece of property I bought so I might be able to live there some day (that one’s a few years in the future yet.) and spending as much time with my wife as I can in between her trips to see the grandbabies. It may not seem like much to some folks but it serves to keep me from finding excuses.


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