With all of the uncertainty and in some cases out-right craziness that is going on in the world right now I want to urge a return to common courtesy. It used to be that people were able to talk to each other even when they disagreed without each trying to take the other’s head off. […]

Granting Least Permissions

I recently saw a note about creating Sql Server Authentication logins allowing users to see the content in a database through views created there. My friend was with very little information able to create the correct logins with passwords and was also able to get the permissions set up so the users could indeed user […]

What type of DBA are you?

Just like many of us I started out as that guy that monitors the backups and the network. That was back in 1998 (gasp!) Because I have always been the curious type I started checking out this thing called MS Sql Server that our website used. A little at a time I took on more […]


I started this back in January with the best of intentions. Intentions to write if not every day at least regularly enough to see an accumulation of content that I could look back on with a sense of accomplishment. Obviously that didn’t happen. Without going into detail my health hasn’t been the best over the […]

After 17 Years…

I became an accidental DBA in 1998. As many of us do I was hired to do one thing and ended up doing the ‘other’ things. Things that had to do with the lone Microsoft Sql Server we had in the department. Things like backups, index tuning, query writing and some hardware maintenance. Today, the […]